Free Verse

This critic told me I should write in rhyme
because the rigor of poetic form
insists that at the end of every line
a syllable should to “the scheme” conform.

The pedant said I should write three quatrains
that’s bunches of four lines to you and me
(a word game you can practice when it rains)
and the end rhymes must run a b a b.

The pratt went on to tell me that my feet
(where foot’s a bit of word with stress upon it)
should count to five in all lines on the sheet
and lo, behold, I then would have a sonnet.

I told him this all sounded quite perverse
and I will only ever write free verse.


One thought on “Free Verse

  1. Hi Phil,

    I recently got a Wave account and saw your sonnet collaboration. A wonderful idea!

    I am collaborating on an online poetry magazine which we hope will showcase a wide range of contemporary poetry, poets and poetry critics around the world. We are at a very early stage of development, but we aim to be posting the first editorials in January.

    We would like to invite people to submit proposals for columns in the magazine (either for regular, rotating, or invitational columnists) when we launch. I would like to include you in this invitation. Please let me know if you would be interested in hearing more.

    London, UK

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